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Universal Jungle: Dark Sentinels 

Author M.Q. Abdullah

The Poveen invade human space with overwhelming force.

Humanity’s worst fear has come true. The Nubian Defense Force and the United Planets of Humanity Armed Forces must fight together to stop the alien advance. The Poveen boast powerful shields, exotic energy weapons, powered by singularity powerplants, give the squid-like aliens the advantage.

Lord Commander Masters, the hero of the only victory against the Poveen, leads the forces of his home system. A Poveen interdictor field renders human bridge drives, jump drives, and Einstein-Rosen Gates useless. Cut off – but not helpless – humanity fights back.

Why did they attack? Can humanity defend against aliens? How can they defeat a superior force?

Universal Jungle: Dark Sentinels is the first novel in an epic sci-fi series. The series will include all the characters featured in Universal Jungle: Dark AI. Learn More…

Universal Jungle: Dark AI

Socrates Must Be Stopped No Matter the Cost!

Space Battles, Mech Battles, and Ground Battles, Oh My!

100 million lives are in danger on planet Syracuse!

The Colonization Authority declared the planetary Artificial intelligence, Socrates, a Dark AI. They lost contact with the military garrison, elected government, and Colonization Authority terraformers. United Planets of Humanity government calls for help. The Nubians answer the call. Operation Enfant Terrible launched a massive NDF expeditionary force to provide aid. The mission: Save the planet and destroy Socrates. If they can’t…they must destroy the planet to ensure the AI doesn’t spread. Learn More…

Purgatory’s Edge: Freedom

Author M.Q. Abdullah

Author M.Q. Abdullah

Get ready for a fast paced action adventure filled with Grim Reapers, Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! The story revolves around Edgar Roman’s struggle to gain the rank Grim Reaper from the rank Grim Redeemer. He navigates the treacherous world of Purgatory’s Edge filled with nine immortal races and three powerful factions all bent on world dominance. If you’re a fan of fantasy creatures battling to the death with guns, swords, spells, and all manner of powers then you will love this book!  Learn More…

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