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Jungle: Dark Sentinels

The short story takes place 15 years before the start the book. Major Yosef Amir is on a mission to destroy

a Poveen cruiser. Sub Commander Malcom Masters ordered his Comet Corps soldiers to land on a Poveen Cruiser in orbit around the human settlement Butcher Bay.

Minus 15 years | Comet Corps Major Yosef Amir

Comet Corps Major Amir slammed into the hull of the Poveen attack cruiser. �The battle in space raged around him. �Lighting-like arched energy fire from the Poveen cruiser reached out to strike other Comet

Corps soldiers or the rockets that barreled in toward them from Bucher Bay and the planet below. �He detached from the upper unit of his combat kit and placed his orange mag boots on the hull of the metallic cruiser. �The upper kit moved behind him on four legs with two massive point defense cannons, ready to stop any Poveen countermeasures.

More of his soldiers slammed into the hull all around him as the battle continued.� About 100 meters north from him was an entrance made in

the hull by one of the breeching rounds. �Major Amir looked around him at the chaos taking place in space and he wondered how he had ended up in the ass end of humanity.� Just a couple of months ago he was in the Victory System protecting luxury space ports, and now he was at the edge of human space down the spiral arm moving along the hull of an alien cruiser.

At least he had a commander that knew what the hell he was doing, thought Amir. �Humans had never defeated the Poveen in combat. �Sure, the humans destroyed a cruiser or two and killed a couple of the ground soldiers, but they had never won an engagement.� When the Poveen ER bridged into the system, he thought himself as good as dead.� Now, he believed that they had a chance to survive the conflict.� Well, that is only if he could make it back to the surface of the planet alive after his mission.� A mission that included hanging onto a rocket, landing on an alien cruiser, and destroying it from the inside with nuclear weapons.

Sub Commander Malcom Masters had taken control of the combined forces of the system as soon as the enemy entered it. �Since that time, he had made one tactical decision after another that led to victory. �When Masters told Amir and his fire team to attach themselves to a rocket, he hesitated.� He thought Masters was crazy, but his reasoning made sense. �The Poveen cruisers in space fired on dropstars, troopstars, and breechstars at 100,000 km from the cruiser, but they would wait until 25,000 km to fire on kinetic rockets. �Masters theorized that the Poveen feared the kinetic-tipped warheads could hide in the debris field and sneak passed point defense systems and hit the hull. �At 25,000 km, they could fire on the rockets and make sure they destroyed the kinetic warhead first.

So, at 26,000 km, his forces released from the rocket and moved away from the projectile to prevent being caught in the point defense energy weapons of the Poveen. �Amir imagined the Poveen commander shitting a brick when thousands of comet corps soldiers jumped off the rockets. �They were now too close to target both the comet corps soldiers and the rockets. �They had to pick their poison and they had would have to choose the rockets that burned at a high speed toward the cruisers. �That all took place moments ago, and Amir still couldn�t believe that it had worked.

As he raced toward the breech in the alien hull, he couldn�t help but think of all the poor souls that had disobeyed orders and traveled to the alien cruiser with the breechstars and dropstars instead of attached to the rockets. �They were gunned down on approach and almost none of them made it to the enemy cruisers. �Major Amir had only lost two soldiers on approach when they had been struck by debris. �All around Amir, his soldiers rallied to his position.� With precision, they formed up into the fire teams and maneuvered either to protect the insertion point or to enter the alien cruiser.

The Poveen are physically much larger than humans, making it easy for the heavily equipped soldiers to maneuver in the hallways.� Three Comet Corps soldiers could fit shoulder to shoulder in the hallway, but they moved tactically with proper spacing to ensure that one shot or explosion couldn�t injure them all.� Amir took the large circular shield from his back and readied his hand cannon. �He wasn�t the first one to breech the enemy cruiser, but he would be damned if he wasn�t going to kill at least one Poveen.

The Poveen cruisers were all powered by a controlled singularity drive. �The controlled singularity drive was housed in a massive sphere, usually located to the rear of the starship. �If the sphere was breeched, the singularity would collapse on itself and usually destroy the vessel. �This is no different than breeching containment on anti-matter or nuclear drive system starships. �The only difference is that instead of an explosion, it produced a sudden gravity wave of over 100 gravities.

Amir moved along the corridor with six soldiers in front of him and three behind. �They passed dead Comet Corps soldiers and damaged Poveen drones. �The Poveen drones were white metallic spheres with four tentacles that protruded to the rear to help the drones maneuver in zero g environments. �When the group of soldiers turned the corner, they found a group of Comet Corps soldiers engaged in a battle with an unknown number of drones. �Arched energy blasts shot from the circular gold balls at the front of the spheres and rippled into one soldier after another.� Comets fired back with hand cannons or the projectile fire bullpup rifles. �Rounds bounced off the bulkheads or punched massive holes, depending on the ordinance weapon. �Amir moved like a wild man to the front of the formation, with his shield taking the brunt of the energy weapon fire.

The CCES Mark 2 shield was perfectly suited for combat against the Poveen. �The shield was designed to absorb energy and transform it into a hard energy force field. �It was originally developed to save special forces soldiers from nuclear blasts. �Amir received his when he served in the specials forces unit of his home system, United Kingdom. �When he was promoted into the Comet Corps, he demanded it come with him. �The hard energy force field produced by the shield provided support to wounded soldiers pinned down in the hallway. �Amir pressed toward the enemy drones.� The shield buckled and flickered under the intense fire, but it held.� The major fired into the mass of enemy drones with his hand cannon.� The powerful weapon bucked every time it fired the massive 75 caliber rounds.� The insides of the drones hit the ground, with the bulkheads behind them.

Amir pressed forward toward the powerplant of the alien cruiser. �By that point, more of the Comet Corps soldiers had poured into the alien cruiser. �They moved along toward the major systems of the alien cruiser. �Weapons, navigation, and crew compartments were all targeted by the invaders. �Poveen drones fell en masse across the cruiser as Amir�s fire team approached the outer bulkhead of the controlled singularity containment sphere. �Three soldiers placed tactical nukes and set the timer for five minutes. �Once in place, Amir ordered all Comet Corps soldiers to make a strategic withdrawal out of the cruiser.� More nuclear weapons were placed around the cruiser in various departments, slaved to the timer of the nukes attacked to the drive system.

Nuke riding, or November Romeo, was taught to all Comet Corps soldiers. �If they left the hull of the cruiser too soon before the nuclear weapon exploded, the enemy could gun them down with point defense weapons as they retreated. �They had to wait until the nukes exploded before they left the hull.� At that time, they had to burn as fast as they could away from the hull of the craft to not get caught in the shockwave and debris. �Amir reached the hull of the cruiser and mated with the upper part of his kit.�� When the countdown timer reached ten seconds, the major ordered the team to push off.

The Comet Corps soldiers burned away from the hull of the cruiser and into space. �At first, they saw a brilliant light that pushed debris and other materials into space at high speed.� Then the gravity implosion pulled most of the debris back into the hull of the cruiser as it collapsed upon itself for a brief five seconds.� The enemy cruiser was destroyed. �Amir left the surface of the planet with 250 soldiers.� 175 pinged him for new orders after the assault. �The battle was not over yet. �The Poveen entered the system with 18 cruisers and 2 troop transports. �4 cruisers were destroyed by the Comet Corps soldiers� assault. �That same force currently operated on 3 other cruisers. �Forces from the 12th Stellar Group ER bridged into the system moments after the November Romeo.� The Battle

for Butcher Bay was about to get interesting.

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Yosef Amir

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