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The short story takes place 20 years before the

start the book. Malcom Masters is

attending officer training at an advantage training installation.� Previously he was in the Meteor Corps branch of the United Planets of Humanity Armed Forces.� He was promoted into the Command Corps of the UPHAF.� The Command Corps controls and coordinates all the various branches of the military.� In the book Universal Jungle: Dark Sentinels, he is the Lord Commander of the Nubian System.

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�How is this happening, administrator? This test was supposed to enforce the principles of strategic retreat. He is engaging with the enemy and winning,� said the specialist of training as he reviewed the data in disbelief.

�Specialist, I am not sure. Let me check his file�Oh here we go. He is Malcom Masters from the Nubian System. His test scores are the highest in the class. He was the most decorated soldier when he entered the Command Corps training academy. The file indicates that both parents were university professors, with his father a mathematician and his mother an artist. The strategies he employs are unconventional but not reckless. There is an elegance to them,� responded the facility wargames simulation administrator.

�Administrator, send a message to the training commander. They will want to know about this development.�

�Specialist, the message has been sent. She is en route to simulator station 3 as we speak,� said the administrator as he continued to review the data from the battle simulation and the history of the soldier Malcom Masters.

�Excellent. I ran a quick diagnostic and the simulation is running correctly. �Most of the recruits are on the statistical mean of performance for the simulation. In the simulation, 35 students have lost control of the system already. Three have decided to retreat from the system and save precious military resources. Those three scored extremely well. Two students have already lost control of both the system and the military assets in the simulation. I don�t know if they will be able to continue with the program after this failing score. They do not seem to have the aptitude to control a military strategy of that level of complexity. They have come this far and they should be applauded, but humanity faces dangers that our ancestors couldn�t imagine.�

�I agree. �I will second your recommendation for the dismissal of those two officers,� said the administrator as the door opened near the two men.

�Administrator, specialist. Why did you call me down here?�

�Ah yes, Commander. I wanted you to see the officer Malcom Masters. We have entered the simulation stage.� Currently, this class is performing the Drake System test. In this test, the Drake System is invaded by the Flint Corporation. The Flint Corporation has overwhelming force. The simulation orders the commander to retreat from the system if they lose the advantage. Masters hasn�t retreated because somehow, he is winning. His performance is truly exceptional. �In a test designed to make him run, he has not.�

�That is not exceptional, that is foolish. They don�t run all the time. �He will die and his score will be affected poorly. �I ask you again, why am I here?�

�Sir, he has not run but he is still winning.� In some aspects of the simulations, the program had to write a new script because the combination of attacks, feints, and retreats in the system have never been seen. �The combinations are truly exceptional.� He might win the fight.�

�Impossible. �He will slip up,� responded the commander in disbelief.

�I don�t think so,� said the administrator as he reviewed the data once more.

�It doesn�t matter if he does or he doesn�t, he has already defeated the top score and he is not even halfway through the simulation,� highlighted the specialist.

�Okay, I need the two of you to tell me what this means,� asked the commander even though she already knew the answer.� She was informed of the possibility of officers with extreme mental abilities.� Though knowledge of this information was on a need to know only basis.

�This means that you have a new type of officer. �You have an officer on par with some of the alien commanders we have encountered. �You have human with planetary AI ability. �I do not know what you have planned for this man, but he will be one of the greatest assets you have in the service,� said the administrator.

�Thank you, Administrator and Specialist. �I need to send this up the chain of command. �Excuse me for a second,� said the commander as she closed her eyes and connected to the military QEN via her CU implant. ��Sir, this is Commander Copen at Echo Command Corps training station. I believe we have identified an Overmind.� He found the secret to victory in the Drake simulation. I will transfer him when he is finished.� He should arrive at the Overmind training facility in approximately two weeks.�

�Excellent. I didn�t think the people of the Echo region of space were that advanced. �Those systems are young and the augmentations haven�t been able to move down the generations at a high rate yet.�

�This one may be special or we may have found another path to Overmind. His profile indicates that his father was a galactic level mathematician. �He was born with the life extension augmentations so that may be the catalyst. He also received hyper processing augment, and some custom augments that he seems to have developed himself.� It has produced the desired outcome. Maybe we should look a little further into his DNA. We may be able to exploit it to create more Overminds.�

�Surely we can. Good work in the identification of another Overmind. I will alert the other commanders to keep a watchful eye. The people that are developing into Overminds seem to be becoming more popular. Instead of 1 out of every 100 billion it seems that it is occurring at 1 for every 65 billion in this generation.�

�We have to test him again. We did not find the Overmind gene when we screened the first time. �Hopefully this was just an oversight.� If not, we may have found another way to reach the mental processing level known as Overmind.�

�Yes. Good work in the identification. I am anticipating your report on this and seeing young Malcom Masters shortly. The alien race the Poveen have been spotted more frequently in our outer regions, the echo region especially, we are going to need a response to hostilities shortly. I think he might be that answer.�

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