A picture of the grim reaper next to the book cover for purgatory's edge.

Purgatory’s Edge | Freedom

Author M.Q. Abdullah

Get ready for a fast paced action adventure filled with Grim Reapers, Vampires, Werewolves, and Demons, oh my! The story revolves around Edgar Roman�s struggle to gain the rank Grim Reaper from the rank Grim Redeemer. He navigates the treacherous world of Purgatory�s Edge filled with nine immortal races and three powerful factions all bent on world dominance. If you�re a fan of fantasy

creatures battling to the death with guns, swords, spells, and all manner of powers then you will love this


Edgar Roman was a man born in 1823 to a family of modest means in the Midwest of America.

An unnatural hunger and desire to inflict pain and agony on others drove him to commit vile acts for his entire natural life. That natural life was

cut short after he was hunted down by the families of those he violated and killed. When his

soul reached the gates of Heaven it was cast out to the pits of Hell for his life did

not merit such a reward.

On the journey to Hell from Heaven through Purgatory the Grim Lord offered him a chance to save his soul from the pits of hell. Edgar would have to mortgage his soul to the Grim Lord and become a grim redeemer, the lowest form of grim reaper, and serve the Grim Lord until he completed a task. Edgar accepted his task from the Grim Lord and was sent back to Earth. Now Edgar has to navigate the unforgiving life of a grim while trying to avoid more powerful immortals to complete his task and become a complete Grim Reaper.

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