Universal Jungle: Dark AI

Universal Jungle: Dark AI

Space Battles, Mech Battles, and Ground Battles, Oh My!

The colony’s AI became sentient.

100 million lives are in danger.

Can they save the people of Syracuse in time?

The Colonization Authority declared the planetary Artificial intelligence, Socrates, a Dark AI. They lost contact with the military garrison, elected government, and Colonization Authority terraformers. United Planets of Humanity government calls for help. The Nubians answer the call. Operation Enfant Terrible launched a massive NDF expeditionary force to provide aid. The mission – Save the planet and destroy Socrates. If they can’t…they must destroy the planet to ensure the AI doesn’t spread. Describe the BookStarships Troopers fight the Geth from Mass Effect written in the style of World War Z.

What is Universal Jungle?

The universe is a dangerous. During The Great Push era humanity left the Sol system. It terraformed, colonized, or exploited over five hundred solar systems. The population exploded to nine hundred billion during the expansion. The human sphere is in a period of consolidation. Surrounded by alien races, some hostile, some not, but all more advanced. Humanity struggles to provide safety in the hostile environment called the jungle. The Universal Jungle.

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The Universal Jungle universe is growing. This novella is the prequel to the Dark Sentinels book Series.Caution: This book contains bad-ass augmented soldiers, kick-ass heroism, potty mouth, and a lot of action. Read at your own risk.

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