Deark Sentinel

Universal Jungle | Dark Sentinel


“I am Your Worst Nightmare” – Lord Commander Masters

January 7, 2575, is a date that will live in infamy.  The Nubian System was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the space forces of the Poveen Empire.   Join Lord Commander Malcom Masters and the rest of his commanding officers as they fight the squid-like alien race known as the Poveen.   The solar system spanning military science fiction epic will give you the experience you have been looking for.  Space battles, land battles, and little a romance, Oh My!  The soldier of the United Planets of Humanity Armed Forces face an enemy that has better technology and the element of surprise.   The system, and 4 other systems caught in the invasion, are declared Dark Sentinels.   The UPHAF have no way of providing reinforcements to the systems due to alien interdictor technology.   The humans must use cunning, grit, and a little luck to defeat the enemy technology and push the invaders back.

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